Not everyone in San Miguel is well educated and well read.  Not everyone in San Miguel is comfortable with the dynamic of living in a city that is  in a foreign country.  Not everyone in San Miguel lives with an appropriate level of fear.  Not everyone in San Miguel reads carefully.

san-miguel-security1These facts all came together one day for Mona Crewson.  Mona is a single lady and lives by herself in Centro.  She is fearful of the world and in particular the Three R’s – Rapers, Robbers and Rowdies.  Life is a continual attack upon her peace and quiet and her defenses are always on various levels of alert.

Every day Mona sets an alert for herself based on what she reads on the Civil List and the crime section in Atencion.   She continually emails her friends alerting them to the dangers she has found in San Miguel.  She always says “Better Safe than Sorry.”

Her friends have a variety of nicknames for her, one being Emily Latilla and Nervous Nelly.

One day Mona was reading the Civil List and while doing a search for past Daily Dentist recommendations, stumbled unaware into the archives and found a posting on a Cereal Robber in San Miguel. From the report it was not one episode of Cereal Robbing but several. The posting was by a well respected woman she had heard of in San Miguel. So she reposted it on the Civil List to remind people of this terrible present danger; send copies of the post to her friends and set her advisory system to an Orange Alert.   cereal-robber-2She also hid her box of Post Toasties under the bed and covered it with a blanket.

What happened next was quite amazing.  First several people wrote to say that the post was several years old and that the Cereal Robber had been caught and that all Cereal in San Miguel was safe.  Mona was now upset, that the person who had written that post, had made it available to her and had caused her such embarrassment.  She responded, criticizing this woman for doing what she didn’t do.  The criticized woman correctly asked for an apology that was not forth coming.  Posts went back and forth but nary a word from Mona.  Mona was too busy with her Orange Alert to apologize.


*This post in no way wishes to diminish the horror that the actual serial rapist created in San Miguel in 2006