img_2596Choices are  never easy in life and some choices mean precluding other choices.  Joining a Gang is one of those choices.  You need to find a gang that speaks to your Inner Clown and tells you that this is who you really are.  We have many clowns inside us and finding the San Miguel Clown Inside Us can be most difficult if you have never let the Inner Clown direct any of your life.  The decision to join a gang sets off all the clowns inside us.  Each clown is competing to be recognized as your San Miguel Clown and for some gang members this cacophony of clowns produces a sort of Gang Schizophenia.  Instead of finding the true San Miguel Clown inside them, they let all the clowns have a say and end up creating a very mixed metaphor – the Multiple Personality Gang.  Here we have the Hat Gang, the Cowgirl Gang, the Flower Gang and the Curtain Gang rolled into one very confused Gang.  Voices in her head direct her in many different ways.  The cowgirl boots are moving her one way while the flowered hat is telling her to stop and smell the daisies and the curtains are looking for a place to blow in the breeze.  Life is never easy in San Miguel, when we fail to find our San Miguel Clown.