naked-in-the-jardin1The Doing Good Works Gang is always looking for an angle to promote Good Works in San Miguel.  Raising Awareness about issues is one of the Objectives of any Good Work.  Setting up a table in the Jardin or handing our brochures or placing ads in Atençion will only reach a certain number of people but nudity reaches everyone.

So  Lady Godiva  of San Miguel was hired to promote Good Works in San Miguel through Nudity.  She sits in the Jardin with a handful of brochures.  Many will take the brochure to avoid eye contact with her naughty parts.

Some want their picture taken with the San Miguel Lady Godiva.   In fact after the Virgin of Guadaloupe she is the most photographed woman in San Miguel.

So if you see a naked lady in the Jardin remember she is naked for a reason and it is your responsibility as a Democrat to let her raise your consciousness.