Clothing, Good Works, Cartoon Characters, Spiritual Forces are the most common media in which Gangs express themselves.  In fact, there is often an competition among Gangs, to be the most Avant Garde Gang in San Miguel.  This desire to shock or push the envelop led to the creation of one of the most  shocking  and dangerous Gang in San Miguel – the Troll Gang.

The usual concept of a Troll came from European mythology – of a dim witted and dangerous creature with an aversion to light and noise, who could be killed from learning his/her name.  They were rumored to steal babies and seduce wives/husbands.

Then they became this cute little creature.  You could collect or stick on the end of your pencil.

But the Internet Age created a new meaning of troll.  A troll, in this usage, is a person who makes a rather  provocative posting to a newsgroup intended to produce a large volume of frivolous responses.

Yes this is the Gang who makes all those posts on the Civil List.  Because they have an aversion to light and noise, they are rarely seen in the Jardin during the day.  They are usually at home making comments on the Civil List, so the sighting of a member of the Troll Gang, in the Jardin was a rare event



This is the only known sighting of a Troll in the Jardin during the day.

No one knew how to react to a Troll among us.  Some, with childhood memories of fearful bridge crossings, clung to their children or their purchases.

Some simply stared.


She moved among those gathered in the Jardin making provocative statements.  One lady was told to hide her ugly baby.  A middle aged woman was reduced to tears when her  hat was ridiculed. Fat people fled. Old people were poked with a stick to see if there were alive.  She tried to grab dogs on long leashes.  Several women had their scarves pulled off.  Her greatest joy was pulling men’s pony tails and yelling Ride Em Cowboy.  The worst fate befell those manning Tables for Good Works.  She told them no one cares.  Within ten minutes pandemonium rained in the Jardin and many carefully constructed lives fell apart.

Then, she left as quickly as she appeared but few will ever forget the day the Troll came to Town.