wall-wizardThe Jardin in San Miguel is a gauntlet for most Mexicans, except those from DFA.  They see things in San Miguel, that they thought existed only in Dungeons and Dragons or video games and are totally unprepared to deal with dark fantasy brought to life.

This young man sees the Wall Wizard. . He looks and knows he must past by her to get to the other side of the Jardin.  For a flash second, reality and his online life conflict and  make him pause.  Has she seen him?  Will he need to fight her for safe passage?  Will she control him and make her carry her bags?  He worries. Most days he has safe passage unless they are sitting at a table with brochures or are restraining a small hairy beast on a leash.

If he makes it past the Wall Wizard to safety, there will be more levels of Gringo Ghouls. Ahead is  the cowgirls on the bench who may or may not have a lasso or six shooter.

Life was never this hard before the Gringos came.