San Miguel is a place of Miracles and Magic.

Where this Shroud was found or where it came from is the source of much speculation.  Some say it was found in an cave in the Campo.  Some say it covered a washer dryer combination.  Some say it fell off an old beggar woman.

But wherever it came from, it was soon brought to El Museo de Milagros in San Miguel and curated badly.   Daily, pilgrims gather in front of El Museo to view the Shroud of San Miguel and talk about what they see.

Some see Aztecs growing corn.  Some see water falling from a canale.  Some see a Gringo falling on cobblestones.  Some only see holes.

But whatever you see, it is a Miracle to have our own Shroud in San Miguel.  You will find descriptions of it in Archie Dean’s book and directions of how to get to it.  The Shroud Conserver Society is having a fund raiser March 24 at Angela Peralto Teatro to raise funds to plasticize the Shroud and fix the holes.

There are also copies at the Tuesday Market if you have an empty space on a wall and want to impress friends with your own Shroud.