img_2577Ruth heard the loud speaker and ran into the street to find out who was disturbing her peace.  She looked up and down but saw nothing.  Her anger building,  she ran up the steps to the roof to see if it was coming from another street.  Nothing but the sound was getting louder.  She looked up and saw a plane.  The noise was coming from the plane.  Her anger built.

Bang – she posted on the Civil List about this plane.

Who shall we report this plane that is circling San Miguel right now with the loud vocal announcements????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She wasn’t sure if swearing was allowed on the Civil List but she was so angry that her San Miguel was invaded by talking noisy planes.

She thought for a minute and pulled out her San Miguel Complaining List and looked for the number of  the DEPARTMENT OF ECOLGIA and reported it.  The man who spoke rather good English said he had received several calls already and that they were going to the Circo (circus) to tell them to stop.

Bang – she posted what she had done on the Civil List to assure people that action was being taken.   She was terrified that this plane would start an avalanche of other businesses using this new marketing tool.

Bang – her first response.

San Miguel is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With that distinctive award goes many social responsibilities.  Advertising with loudspeakers from the air over San Miguel should be banned. It echos off the walls of every home in the area and is incredibly intrusive. If it is allowed, many other businesses will soon follow suit, from bars to restaurants to real estate companies

Bang – the next response tying the airplane to Unesco, and Safety Issues in Parque Juarez.
You bet Iwill call, my dogs are freaked and Iam pissed off! and another thing, a Unesco world heritage site should keep Juarez Park a safe place for people and their dogs.

Bang – the next response wants to know where and when the circus is.  Seems the airplane loudspeaker is not clear enough for her

I agree that having an airplane buzz SMA, blaring information about the circus is unreasonably obnoxious.

However, I am interested in attending this particular circus. Short of my taking a cab out to Salida a Celaya, does anyone out there know what time their performances are being held.

Bang – the self righteous Candy, now attack Ruth for overstepping her Guest Status in San Miguel.

“If we allow”, are WE now in charge of local Mexican laws? First I hear we are “Guests” but nobody can show who invited them, and now “we can or cannot allow” Mx.s to break their own law???
Bang – the last response draws a heated rebuttal from Mandy about responsibility in San Miguel.
Candy, We are legal residents of Mexico and San Miguel. We have the right and the responsibility to be contributing citizens. Ruth is exercising her right to communicate with our public servants in an attempt to make the city a better place for all. Thanks to Ruth.
Bang – Indignation is building and someone has to remind readers of the Civil List of all the Good things Gringros do for San Miguel and tell them if they don’t want to run San Miguel then they should get out of town.
Well said Mandy – “uninvited guests” indeed…I wonder what the Mexican business owners would say to that? Or the thousands of Mexican families who rely on foreign employers. Or the orphans that are sitting down to a healthy meal or the dogs and cats being nurtured in the SPA?

We are here because we love San Miguel and much of what we love here was preserved and supported by the early artists that poured thousands of hours and dollars into San Miguel de Allende for decades. They supported, improved and protected San Miguel, in solid coordination with the local Mexican population, so it could become the international city it is today – loved and supported by people from all over the world.

The x-pat community has been part of SMA for a long time – its opinions, both good and bad, are now part of who and what San Miguel is – if you don’t like its involvement – perhaps this isn’t the right town for you? If you haven’t already, it might be educational to go live in another Mexican town of this size and see if it is more to your liking.

So the little plane that talked provided an opportunity on the Civil List to remind readers that San Miguel was created by expats, for expats and should be run by Expat.