giftLurking somewhere on the blog, among the members of the Comment Gang, is that special person, who one day, will give you the richest gift you can imagine.

Here is that gift, that was delivered to me (well there were three separate gifts) on March 16th, 2009 at 1:54 pm by an angel  Mark T in response to a comment by Doug Bowers.

Doug, when are you going to “get it” that Americans have improved San Miguel, raising it from a filthy Mexican town it once was to a desirable destination for world travelers which it is today?

If it were’nt for the foreigners who have “invaded” SMA most of the “natives” would not know where their next meal was coming from! You make more noise and do more belly aching than any Mexican I know…perhaps with the exception of Sr. Vidargas and his ungrateful group Basta Ya! Talk about ungrateful!

Who would want San Miguel to revert to something like Dolores Hidalgo? You don’t see tourist dollars pouring into DH do you? The only Mexican culture you can find there is the cathedral, the ice cream vendor in the zocalo. a couple of guys polishing shoes and some talavera tile…whoop-ti-do! Wow…I’d travel from anywhere to see that assortment! If you think SanMiguelenses are poor, check out the average local in Dolores.

Doug…I wish you would just shut the f&#k up!


Then having dispatched Doug Bowers, he must have started to read the blog and realized that I was Doug Bowers2. So he he left two more gifts

Mark T, on March 16th, 2009 at 2:03 pm

I feel sorry for you!
You must be one of the most bitter people on the planet. I’l bet you’d like to live in SMA all by yourself with the Mexicans, wouldn’t you? You my friend are a fool!

And then a final gift that could be called a parting shot.

Mark T, on March 16th, 2009 at 2:05 pm

In fact…why don’t you move to Ranch Viejo or, Los Galvanes and never leave? Then you would really experience the “Mexican Thing” you are hoping to keep to yourself! Get a life!

For a blogger this was like Christmas morning. After 68824 hits, I had finally found someone who gets it.

Here I thought, all this satire was being wasted and out of the blue comes someone who understands my deep desire to live in a filthy Mexican town with hungry Mexicans and eat ice cream and have polished shoes and buy Talavera Pottery.

I am in the car this morning, to look at properties in Dolores Hidalgo and to look for the filth and hungry Mexicans that I must have missed the last time I went to buy some Talavera and icecream. 

This may be the last post.