San Miguel Evelyn

There is a purpose to a full length mirror, as Evelyn was about to discover.

Evelyn began dying her hair red, years before coming to San Miguel, so she knew what that looked liked.  Well, the light is different in San Miguel and perhaps she doesn’t.

The rest of the Get Up as she calls it, was added bit by bit, after moving to San Miguel.  A recent arrival and not understanding the timer function on the camera, Evelyn had never taken a pictures of San Miguel Evelyn wearing her new super heroine cape, post poodle skirt, and spotted shoes to send home.  And in her small apartment, there was no full length mirror, just a small mirror over the sink, that only revealed to her, a small part of San Miguel Evelyn.

Today was the first day, in the window,  that she had ever seen the full San Miguel Evelyn look, that the rest of San Miguel saw on a daily basis.   The question, as always in San Miguel, is what did Evelyn see?  What do you see?  Can you hear your mother saying

“You are not going out dressed like that.”

Perhaps Evelyn is working out some unresolved issue with her mother, with this Get Up but it would be interesting to hear the tape playing in her head and hear those beginning bars of the Howdy Doody Show again.

No, on second thought, to hear the tapes playing in the heads of San Miguel Gang Members, might be simply too much, for a sane person to bear.