clown-murder1Mona Crewson, after her experience with the Cereal Robber and knowing he was in jail, became less vigilant. She set the San Miguel Alert to Blue and started to take chances such as walking down a path that, previously would have filled her with dread. That day, something happened that  would alter Mona and lead to a new Good Works in San Miguel.

clown2Ahead on the path, her eyes caught a bit of color.  At first she  thought it was some Bougainvillia leaves but as she neared she could see it was a leg – a Clown’s leg.  Her heart pounded as she bent over to pick up the small clown’s leg.  She had loved clowns since the Circus  had come to Toledo and here was a clown’s leg.  Tears started as she began to search for the poor One Legged Clown.

clown-41But there was more horror. In the bushes hung two little clown arms.  They had been ripped off the one legged clown and thrown carelessly in the bushes by some heartless person.  All the pain of her life collaesced at this moment and Mona fell to the path holding each severed part in arms and wept for her own little lost Clown.

When she stopped crying, she knew that she has to make sure that this would never happen again to a single clown in San Miguel.  She wanted to protect all the clowns in San Miguel and make sure they were in good homes full of love.

So began the Sociedad Protectora de Payasos (SPP) or Society to Protect Clowns (SPC) with a goal to make sure that there were be no more dismembered nor unloved clowns in San Miguel, ever again – not on her watch.

clown-protectors1Her first goal was to stop the Clown Mills she heard were operating through out San Miguel especially before Lent.  Here  Clowns where turned out by the handful and sold to anyone.

She and her friends went out into the community to document and photography the Clown Mills .

Here is picture of a Clown Mill and someone from the SPP.

The Policia seemed unconcerned so the SPP/SPC realized the only solution was to buy and liberate these little lost clowns.

spc-1-2-copySo the SPP/SPC started their own fundraising campaigns to raise money to rescue clowns.

clown-displayAnd set up tables in the Jardin to get the little clowns adopted.  Every Thursday you can see volunteers, toting little clowns on sticks through the Jardin.  You can adopt a Clown if you wish.  These are such good people and such a Good Work.
With money raised from such Good Work they were able to open a Rescue Center