garbage-head2As men and women age, there seems to be a reversal of roles. 

Men get more in touch with their feminine side and women with their masculine side.  So it is not surprising, that some men get jealous of the panache women develop, mixing their old feminine side with the new masculine energy. It is also, not surprising, that the first few attempts by men, to meld old male energy with an emerging feminine side doesn’t seem to work as well. The Garbage Hat Gang is one such example. The theme – men take out the garbage and women wear interesting hats was literally translated as putting a garbage bag on your head.  This in no way approaches the panache of  putting a wastebasket on your head. It doesn’t simply work on so many levels and in fact is a bit sad.

Perhaps men will need to retreat into quiet knitting or cooking, first until this new male/female blend develops a bit more style.