Many people in San Miguel can’t exist without a Woe a Day.  If you don’t have art, nor good Works nor translating duties then Woes fills your day.

These Woes are distributed by the Gang of Woes.    Just like like the gas vendors, and dirt vendors, and water vendors, the Gang of Woes walks the streets of San Miguel carrying their Back Pack of Woes to hand out to those who need a Woe or two.

The leader of the Gang is the Black Widow of Woes.  Her task is to collect Woes for  distribution to her Gang Members.

One of the most popular places to find Woes is near a church.  The Black Widow stands in front of the church hoping to find a discarded Woe that she can catch and give to her Gang Members for distribution.  Churches have many people who want to get rid of their Woes and here is a lady to collect them.black-widow-1

Once she has collected enough Woes, she will sit on a bench with a Back Pack of Woes and wait for someone to come by and ask for a Woe or Two.

What kinds of Woes does she give away.

Here is a partial list of San Miguel Woes.

  1. Safety Woes – Safety Woes are the most common.  Fear of robbery, break and enter, purse snatching and jostling are some of the common Safety Woes handed out daily.
  2. Drug Gang Woes – This Woe needs no explanation.  The Drug Lords are either here or getting closer day by day.  There was a shooting in February in Celaya that turned into quite a Woe in San Miguel.   From a simple Police Drug Issue it turned into a rumor that the gun toters were about to head to San Miguel to get the rich ones that live there.  Big time Woe.  (Okay nervous tourists, people do get shot in Mexico but I think they get shot at home too.  In San Miguel all shots are with a camera)
  3. Garbage and Litter Woes No one picks up.  There is litter everywhere.  Don’t they care.
  4. Noise Woes – Can’t stop the Music
  5. Dog Woes – bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark
  6. Add your own Woe