modified-monkI buy my own clothes.  None of my wives ever bought clothing for me and I resent finding women in the men’s clothing section doing that holding up and looking thing at every single item.  Well I don’t resent them as much as the men who let their wives dress them.  Come on guys buying clothes is not that difficult.  Pick a color, know your size, buy 12 shirts at once and you are done.

If you fail to buy your own clothes then you become a fashion victim to your wife’s mood swings.

Here, honey, this color looks good on you and silk is so manly.

Yeah right.  This man is a walking symbol of pay back.  Some small event, in his married life, a while back, that he can’t remember but which she never forgot got paid back today.  She sent him out looking like courtier in the court of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi.
man-bloues Sometimes dressing Hubby is less about payback than dressing him in what she thinks she thinks looks nice. Again men, if your wife buys you something, remember that whatever she buys is more about her than you. If you have no taste or simply don’t care then be prepared for snickers from those men in baseball caps and overshirts. If you see men look in your direction and see them punch poke each other and snicker, then you have a pretty good clue that your wife has you in something that Men Who Dress Themselves wouldn’t be caught dead in.