bibliotecaThe umbrella organization of  The Doing Good Works Gang is the Biblioteca.

  • It co-ordinates much of the Good Works.
  • It disperses News of Good Works through Atenciòn.
  • It takes recruits on tours of the homes of Good Works Workers.
  • It houses a restaurants to feed the Do Gooder.

It is the Vatican of San Miguel.  There are daily pilgrimages to the Biblioteca and in particular the free washrooms.

The election of new leader of the Biblioteca is anticipated all over town.  The Enclave gathers in Teatro Santa Ana to begin the voting for a new President of the Biblioteca.  Representative from all Good Works attend the Enclave.
election-of-popeWhen a President has been elected the local Pollo Feliz announces the Election with a cloud of white smoke to signal success and black smoke for failure.

Today the Pollo Feliz announced a new President of the Biblioteca.  It seems there is an election every Wednesday.