This Gang took a long time to figure out.

For months I had seen women stroll through the Jardin in a variation of this outfit, in the early morning,  in packs and wearing tights.

But my eye was always drawn to the empty quiver they carried slung over their backs.


I could see neither a bow nor any arrows just the quiver.

I could find no mention of an archery range in San Miguel but these people had to be going somewhere and using up all their arrows.

But where? And why?

What was the purpose of this Gang?

Here is a pack of them back from the archery range; each  carrying an empty quiver.

See how strange are the quivers.  They are rolled quivers,  Maybe the arrows are wrapped .

But  again the arrows are all gone and there is no bow.

It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day that I finally understood what I was seeing.

There are many Angels in San Miguel.

Stores are full of Angels.

Women talk about their Special Angel.

cupid-colored3It was then, that I knew that these women were Love Angels or the Cupid Gang of San Miguel as they called themselves.

I then knew why I couldn’t see the Arrows.

This Gang uses invisible Love Arrows.

Now I understood, why people say Love is in the Air in San Miguel. They have been shot by the Cupid Gang

That is why there is so much LOVE in San Miguel.

This Gang, early each morning, makes sure there is  always Love is in the Air.


AND there is more. This man is training to be in the Gang. It is so obvious he is an novitiate. There are no tights. Again men simply don’t get it in San Miguel. They have such trouble coming to terms with their feminine side. No doubt they will come but it might be tights that Superman or Batman would wear.