archie-danBe careful in San Miguel. 

This innocent looking man is the town book pusher.  His backpack is jammed full of books and given a glance in his direction, you will be approached and asked if you looking for books.  If you ask what kind of books, then he will open his pack and pull out a Guide Book and let you read a sample or two.  Everyone knows that once you have your piece of information from a Guide Book,  you are hooked.  Information is addictive, as many residents of San Miguel know.  They can’t stop with a single tidbit of information.  They soon develop a craving to know more and more and more and tell more and more and more. 

Hard core data junkies turn to Guide Gang  because the information monkey is on their back.  Some start impromptu tours in the Jardin. 

The Mexican government is fully aware of the dangers of information addiction but are powerless, to stop those, who supply innocents with all sorts of information.  At the current time information is not illegal in San Miguel.   There is no Fox network here.

 The woman is the window is from the Day of Dead Gang.  The look on her face tells you she is addicted to information. She wants advice on the best shoestore, that gives a discount to Plastic Surgery survivors or where to eat Pozole after a nose job or what is the darkest restaurant in town to go after a facelift . 

It is sad that so many residents and tourists in San Miguel get addicted so easily from just a taste of knowledge.