early-kidThe cause of why women join gangs, starts in early childhood.  Deep inside every little girl is the root of the gang behavior – lack of  inhibition and child style when it comes to picking clothes.  This lack of  inhibition around clothing choice and the courage, to act on this inhibition, is the necessary step, to start wearing rugs and tablecloths in adult life .  Childhood is the training ground for little girl who will grow up,  move to San Miguel and join a gang. .

little-girlSadly, at some point, most young girls start to conform and lose that inate ability to dress weird.  Until that  point comes it is interesting to pick out potential gang members before they immature.

These little girls all have the Gift.

little-big-person4Given time and a good marriage or divorce settlement she will emerge one day to walk the Calles of San Miguel and let that little child style out.