There is always a moment, at some point on a trip, when the failure to take Warren Hardly Spanish Level 1 is brought home.

There are several questions this woman wants to ask and will be unable to ask or find  the answer to any.

First is this a toilet? There are no signs to indicate whether it is or is not.  No pictures or letters can be seen.

Secondly are there four walls around this toilet or simply two  and is this couple watching someone in the toilet? and later, her,  if she goes in.

Thirdly, how can I ask this young man to remove his arm so that I can open the door and check to see if it is a toilet? Or perhaps he is guarding the door for his Aunt until she finishes.  Should I wait?   Why didn’t I learn Spanish?

A call of nature is one of those moments, when the failure to speak the language is driven home.