Grandma at the Tuesday Market

An old parenting  expression was

Do you know where you kids are?

But when Grandma moves to San Miguel and most contact with Grandma is over the phone, this old expression needs to be updated to

When did you last see Grandma?

Joe Francis made millions with his DVD’s called Girls Gone Wild.  The Gangs of San Miguel has applied this concept in San Miguel so that children and grandchildren will suffer the same discomfort as parents did whose daughter appears in Girls Gone Wild.

This blog provides an visual alert to what has happened to their parents and grandparents after moving  to San Miguel.

Grandma don’t knit no more.

In fact she has dyed her hair bright red, got herself a sparkly hat, an orange top and red pants and spends her Tuesdays at the Tuesday Market finding new mix and unmatch outfits for the rest of the days.

Nothing bad is happening but think for a minute, is this how you picture Grandma.?


Grandma's Busting Out All Over

But just a minute maybe Grandma has gone a bit too far.