The Approach and Getting Permission

Gangs have initiation activities for new members.

First the clothes –  you have to buy a Man’s Straw Hat and then a pair of Cocktail Combat Sandals.

Dressed in Gang Clothes, your next task is to go to the Jardin to capture Local Color.

This Gang Noviate has heard and then seen the guitar singer.  Politely, she walks over to him, to ask permission to take his picture.


The Virgin Shot

She aims her camera and takes the first snap. Her body tingles with that first push on the camera button and in her Gang Heart she believes  that she is now an artist.

She has chosen well her first subject – local color. She is now possessed with the spirit of Diane Arbus and is a changed woman.


Channeling Diane Arbus

Instead of the timid, noviate gang member she becomes the Photographer. She channels more Diane Arbus and readies herself for the next shot of the Parroquia.

Nothing will be the same, after she assumes the position.