Lake Chapala

Everyone says in Mexico,

Don’t drink the water

But much better advice is

Don’t go near the water.

And in particular don’t go near the waters of Lake Chapala.

There are stairs in Chapala that lead out of the water into the town.

stairs to water

Stairs Leading out of Lake Chapala

Something comes up those stairs and one night at dinner, in Chapala, meters from the shoreline, appeared these former lake creatures.

They were eating the Friday Night Eat All Your Can Dinner Special oblivious to their surroundings.


Friday Night Special - Eat All You Can

Clapping sea creatures

Ordering More to Eat

They ate and when they wanted more they reverted to earlier sea creature behaviour and clapped for more.

sea creatures shop

Shop til you Drop in Chapala

And then, they decided to shop.  Little was left afterward.

So a word of advice, don’t go near the water in Mexico.