Lucy and Ethel

The sidekick is a supporting character who assists the main character. In early cowboy movies Roy Rogers had Gabby Hayes and Andy Devine, the Cisco Kid had Pancho, the Lone Ranger had Tonto,  Luke Skywalker had CP30,  Batman had Robin and of course the most famous Lucy had Ethel.

But it takes a special person to be a sidekick.  You are always in the supporting role.  Your identity and actions are  tied to that of the main character.  They were always the kid who you could get to run home and get what you need and never complain.


The Sidekick

This Gang is not really a Gang because if they got together nothing would happen.

A sidekick reacts and doesn’t initiate.

Once they find their Lucy then they are set for life because Lucy determines the Gang and the hijinks.

Ethel just goes along for the fun.

Of course it is obvious who is the sidekick in this picture.


Leopard Cowgirl has taken her sidekick Backpack Girl to Pozos for an Art Walk.


Leopard Cowgirl and Backpack Girl Hijinks

The hijinks begin when the leopard top comes off and Leopard Cowgirl forgets she put it in her own bag.  Wide eyed panic about the lost Leopard Top.  She and Backpack Girl go back to the Art Shops asking in English if they have seen the Leopard Top.  The sheriff is called to find the escaped leopard and the slap stick begins.


Barbie and Madge without Ken

Barbie had Ken until Ken switched sides and Barbie was left with only her best friend and sidekick Midge.

They shop, they get their hair done and at night have a few drinkie poos and then the fun begins.

dame edna and madge

Dame Edna and Madge

So how do you pick a sidekick?

A sidekick has to complement the lead character without detracting from the star quality of of the lead character.

Dame Edna Everage picked her sidekick Madge for that very reason.

Madge had no more personality than Dame Edna’s purse but provided someone to fill empty space and be a foil for Dame Edna’s hijinks and conversation.


Blonde and Blonder

Generally a sidekick should a weaker version of the lead character.

These gals make it difficult to figure out who is the lead character but the scarf suggests who is the lead character.

town gigolo

Blonde and Blonde and the Big Bad Wolk

But this picture reveals the true main character and how the sidekicks sits back and watched the wolf work his magic.


The Hijinks

Horse sidekick

Horses and Hijinks

Getting on a horse in San Miguel is one of most common hijinks. The lead gets on the horse and yells commands to the sidekick whose main job is to photo document the hijink and yell encouraging comments such as

Tina, be careful

It won’t be long before Tina’s horse takes off and the hijinks begin.

three tourist gals

We Three Maids

Sometimes a lead character is such a star that they need more than one sidekick to keep the hijinks going. Today Marjorie makes her sidekicks walk in front of her while she yells out commands. The first sidekick is a bit confused as she is more used to following and not sure where the hijinks will happen. No doubt some horse will have left a gift ahead and Marjorie has seen it

Bus hijink

Cynthia and Wanda Take the Wrong Bus

Soon Cynthia and her sidekick Wanda will be on this local bus heading in the wrong direction. The inability to speak a word of Spanish will only heighten the hijinks and lead to some interesting purchases and a case of diarrhea

tres amigos

The Clubhouse Gang

Okay where are the male sidekicks?. Usually sitting on the wall talking about the past. Not many hijinks. Women are far more interesting in San Miguel than the men.

One male sidekick gang has been done.