Impersonators exist everywhere.


Faux Judy Garland

Las Vegas is full of people, who look like Cher, or Joan Rivers, or Diana Ross and of course the King.

But you won’t find any of those impersonators in San Miguel. They simply don’t belong in an Artist’s Colony.

But there are  impersonators, as the post on Reinventing Yourself suggests.  There are special people, who everyone will recognize, are considered artists, loved by gay men and who everyone will want to hear lipsynch.


Somewhere Over the Libramiento

Here is the local Judy Garland impersonator in the Jardin.  (NOTE –  to her this is not an impersonation)
Once the hand goes up then you know, Somewhere Over the Rainbow is not far behind.


Do You Know Who That Was

Sing it Judy.

And the nearly famous just walk the streets of San Miguel, living among us and always eager to be recognized and have to answer

I didn’t know you lived here.

And the chance to add to the reinvention.