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Cougars in the Jardin

They say that women outnumber men in San Miguel by a ratio of 6 to 1.

The standard joke is that most males in San Miguel are either married, going home on Tuesday or gay.

The married ones are usually easy to spot with a wedding band and you never see those going home on Tuesday again but the gay ones pose a problem to the Cougars of the Jardin.   To the male deprived women of San Miguel, it often never occurs to many of them, that the man in their viewfinder might be gay.

One of the great sports in the Jardin is to watch a Cougar target a gay man.  She almost shakes in anticipation of fresh meat – a new soulmate.  She circles her pray and then zeroes in for the kill.  Plastic surgery has already made her eyes wide open but she uses whatever muscle is left to flirt and engage.  She begins the dance and all eyes focus on her, waiting for that moment when the shoe drops and she realizes he isn’t married nor going home on Tuesday but Category Three .  At that moment she  knows the humiliation, she now faces, by all those who knew what she didn’t know.  She is now, the Laughing Stock of the Jardin.

At the core of this humiliation is the failure to understanding the male spectrum of sexuality and a bit of homophobia.

gay spectrum

The Male Spectrum

For the Cougar, Gay Men look like Male 1 and Straight Men look like Male 2.  The Cougar lacks  Gaydar – the intuitive ability to assess someone’s sexual orientation.  To be honest, this is complicated by the phenomena of the metrosexual  – a heterosexual with a strong concern for their appearance, and/or a lifestyle that displays attributes stereotypically related to gay men.

He might seem gay but be straight or he might seem straight but be gay.  It is this dilemma puts the Cougar at risk of humiliation.

If you were Cougar which group would you hunt?


It is not easy being a Cougar.  It is a minefield of humiliation and wasted time.

The post on the Betty Complex Gang identifies some of the difficulty distinguishing between that Gang, The Lesbian Gang and Men Who Look like Old Lesbians Gang.  One easy way is to ask about birds or say “Aren’t men idiots”.  If  their eyes light up you got the Betty Complex Gang.  But the Gay Gang is tricky.


The Shoulder Spectrum

Sometimes clues are generally a giveaway  – a loosely tossed sweater


Male Jewelry

Or too much jewelry will give it away but again it could be a metrosexual.


gay bag

The Rainbow Bag

Is this  man carrying a rainbow bag or simply be a straight guy who doesn’t know that the rainbow has been appropriated by gays


hand on hip


This one is a real test of gaydar.  Wedding band and hand on hip.

Just a minute, this is not really a test, as each says unavailable and probably Canadian.

Life is so difficult for a Cougar.

Okay an easy one, is the word Faaaaabbbuuulous. Only gay men and women in the Classic Gang use that word with all the extra vowels and consonants or if the sibilant s. If you hear an S in banana you can be pretty sure that the guy is gay.  But that is the easy stuff.

There really is no easy way for Cougar to avoid humiliation and on some level the hunting instinct goes deep.


One of the top searches on the Web that points to this blog is Gay Bars in San Miguel.  San Miguel does have a large gay population but it is completely integrated into San Miguel because there are so many liberals in San Miguel.  There is no real Gay subculture in San Miguel, well there is late night cruising in the Jardin.  As a result there are no gay bars nor the need for one.

If a person has to identify who is gay and who is not in San Miguel,  then they don’t really  belong in San Miguel unless the purpose of the identification is to cross them off the list of eligible men.