Peggy was my Spanish partner in Level 2 at Warren Hardy. She was part of my Six Degrees of Separation experience in San Miguel. Her Level 1 partner and my Level 1 partner were friends.  My partner met her Level 1 partner’s husband seated outside Warren Hardy, waiting for Level 2 to finish.

I spent a lot of time, after the course ended, with Peggy in and about San Miguel particularly in her car with Maryland license plates..

Sadly, she died in Queretaro early June 2, from complications from a medical procedure.

Peggy moved to San Miguel in October 2007 and embraced her new lifestyle.  She would chuckle at the gangs, vowing never to join one, although I can admit now that  she was the inspiration for the Guide Gang.

She always said she would be buried in San Miguel and now she will.

She was always, most careful, as are most of my friends in San Miguel to watch where the camera was pointed. She hated this picture, that I had shown her, because she was afraid I would turn it into a Snicker Snap.  But the picture is so Peggy – so determined, so wanting to miss nothing and now she will.  I hope there is a zipline for her to try.

peggy on horse

Peggy Johnson and Horse February 26, 2008