North American Press has not been kind to Mexican Tourism. News reports make it sound, that Mexico is very unsafe for Tourists.   Many bloggers , who live in Mexico, upset with this coverage, have written about how safe Mexico really is but fear mongering is a tough enemy to combat.


The Wrong Type of Warlord

The bloggers know, that when Tourists hear the word Warlord, they think they look like this.

This is not a Tourism Friendly Face.

So the ever helping Good Works Gang of San Miguel have put their heads together and launched, all on their own, a series of programs to put a face to all the nasty stories about Drug Warlords and make Tourists feel safe in San Miguel de Allende (that for some is Mexico).

Teawith a Drug Warlord

Tea with a Drug Warlord

Their first program was Tea with a Drug Warlord. This program involves inviting Tourists to Tea with a Drug Warlord so that Tourists can put a face to what they hear about in the news, experience real local color and have ‘real’ interesting anecdotes when they return home.

Oh Jean, the Drug Warlords are just like you and me, except I couldn’t understand a word they said but I did buy some spices from them.  Can’t wait to try them.

Match the Gun to the Drug Runner

Match the Gun to the Suspect

Another very popular program has been the Match the Gun to the Drug Runner Game.  The local police bring in some captured drug runners, number them and set out the guns they found.  Contestant try to match the gun to the drug runner. Prizes are given out and the winners gets to keep one gun to take back to Texas.

Riding with the Cops

Riding with the Cops

Another fun program is The Ride with the Cop for a Day program. This program takes you on a drug bust, lets you carry a real gun and of course be driven all over San Miguel with the police. Lunch is included at Los Milagros.


Takedown San Miguel Style

Takedown San Miguel Style

The last program combines street theatre with reality, in a program entitled Be a Drug Warlord for a Day. The highlight  is the Takedown in the Jardin and a painting of that Takedown. This is very popular and there is a waiting list.