There is a Rite of Passage when you live in San Miguel.

Step One – La Casa

mi casaOnce the Magic has taken hold, you buy (or if only limited Magic is operating – rent) a house or condo. Of course you have to name La Casa.

Step Two – Decorating

Step Two is exploring Mexican Folk Art and beginning to decorate a la Mexicana. Day upon day is spent in Fabrica Aurora searching for those pieces that create the right ambiance. Those who rent go to Dolores Hidalgo for their ‘ambiance’.

Step Three – Collecting Friends

Step Three is collecting interesting friends. The right combination includes a Mexican Friend, a Black Friend (a premium friend in San Miguel), as many Artist Friends as you can find, a Docenta Gay Friend, a Professor, a Rich Friend, a Spiritual Friend, and someone to fill the empty space at the dinner table and be the source of the next day after party talk.

Did you hear what she said about (Art, Mexico, Obama, Film, etc)

Step Four – The Pet

ceramic dogsOnce the house and social calendar are in place,  you enter the last stage finding THE PET. Well, rescue is a better word than find.  Something fluffy, small and lost usually fills the bill.

But San Miguel is a competitive place. Everyone is looking for that story about their pet that tops someone else’s anecdote about how they found their Furry Friend.

In fact for some that little dog won’t do it.  Two of the ultimate one-up manship pet is seen below.

Showing the Snake to the Troubador

Showing the Snake to the Troubador

Denise loves to show everyone her pet Snake.

Today she was delighted to see the Troubadour and show him Curly.


Pepe and the Morrisons

Tony and Maureen were the first to adopt  a Burro.

The only problem is that Pepe is not welcome at a lot of parties even though he is a lap burro.