Transportation in San Miguel is an opportunity to individualize – to put your stamp on the old getting from A to B. The Old Beetle seems to be everywhere in SMA. All you need to do is repaint the VW in Your Colors and you are a ‘character’. It is that easy

Pink VW

Pink VW

car and color

The Car, The Color, The Gal

But for some that doesn’t go far enough. Your transportation has to be over the top.

gang car

Flowers and the Golf Cart


A Vespa, a Scarf, a Rider

And for some The Vespa and a scarf is a chance to update Isadora Duncan with a different ending. The Biker Mama Gang combines Household Items and Easy Rider to capture that dangerous yet odd feeling and adds to the Snicker Value of SMA.
Lastly there are those who like to harken back to the olden days and recreate Pioneer Days in San Miguel

Goin' into to Town for Supplies

Goin' into to Town for Supplies