The Jardin San Miguel de Allende


Goblin in the Jardin

The jardin in San Miguel is full of trees.

These trees were the inspiration for an interesting and not too popular Gang, similar but different from the Troll Gang.

The Goblin Gang was formed by the tree huggers of San Miguel.

These Urban environmentalists knew that simply asking people to support a Greener Earth would fall on deaf ears unless the public’s imagination could be captured.

This Gang is Green, of course and hides among or near the trees of San Miguel hoping either for a donation or to startle someone into thinking about the environment.

Here Oakanna one of the head Goblins is spying on some tourists  and considering her next move -donation or startle.  Startle seems to happen a lot more than donation.



Stalked by a Goblin

Many Goblins simply stalk people from afar. They hide in or near the trees and watch for the chance to ask for a donation.
Tourists think they are street people but after a few days in San Miguel know who they are, harmless yet persistant  lovers of the environment.


Extroverted Goblin in the Jardin

Some Goblins are not afraid of the open spaces outside the trees. Their cause of saving the earth has made them very brave. They strut into the open spaces and demand that you respect the earth.