Mojiganga - The Puppets

Mojiganga - The Puppets

Mojigangas are an interesting part of San Miguel. Deb Hall has written about the history of  it here .

Artists look for inspiration in the very place they live.  San Miguel is an artists colony because of its location, and the light and colors.  To the local artists, these fantastical creatures called Expats soon became the inspiration for some of the Mojijangas.

And as always happens Life soon begins to imitate Art.

Expats looking for that unique look begin to look at the Mojigangas as a source of inspiration for their look.

But they need help creating that unique look.

Enter the Mojiganga Makeover Artist.

Mojiganga Makovers

Mojiganga Makeover

These Makeover Artists can take that Ohio school marm and make her into a San Miguel resident
full SMA dress