There are Communists in Ajijic. 

Spend a few minutes in Ajijic and you notice all the murals.  A quick Google search resulted in an explanation of Mexican Muralism.

Mexican muralism is an artistic movement that spans the first half of the twentieth century. It is characterized by the decoration of the walls of public buildings with figurative and realist paintings that have a social and ideological content and marked didactic intentions. According to the principle that art would act as an educational medium to teach the “people” and thus strengthen national identity whilst complying with the ideals of the revolution, the movement began during the post-revolutionary period and successfully constructed the nationalist image with which Mexico embraced modernity. Thus, with art sponsored by the state, at the time considered revolutionary, the movement exalted the nation’s indigenous origins and illustrated the epic events of national history while proclaiming the continuation of the ideals of the Mexican Revolution under Marxist ideology, an ideology which nevertheless formed no part of the revolution, or the resulting state.

In the mural below, a muralist educates us about one of the Revolutionary  Struggles between the dead proletariat, the well dressed Bourgeois and a priest representing the cooperation of the Catholic Church with the Bourgeois.



These communist murals were totally unexpected, after listening to all the Liberals in San Miguel talk about the conservatism  of Ajijic. Here was a very public display of the Struggle of the Proletariat of Ajijic.

And the Struggle of the Indigenous are not ignored either.

mural 9
There a few murals in San Miguel because Mexican Muralism never came to San Miguel. And if it did they have long been painted over with the color palette of San Miguel (available in Lowe’s in the World Heritage Color Section).

A World Heritage Site can’t be about Struggle nor display public, vulgar pictures of any Struggle. San Miguel keeps any Struggle inside homes between the Expats and their maids and gardeners and house sitters. This is a true story found on the Civil List of San Miguel

Meet the WORST housesitter in all of San Miguel

I put a request on Civil List for someone to housesit and take care of my dogs when I had to go up to the states. A very nice young lady answered, showed up and seemed to be the perfect person.

If you get the name (left out for legal reasons) on your computer shut it down and lock your door. Once she was in my house, all of a sudden emails were ignored and not answered along with phone calls. It was only when I was told there was blood on the upstairs and when I threatened to phone the police to come by that an email was answered.

Her story: She cut herself deeply and would have to get some stitches.
True Story: According to her friend she smashed a nice $125 lamp of mine into her boyfriend whom she has supported for a long time and he ended up having 22 stitches.

When a friend who has walked my dogs on occasion tried to pet one of them once she was gone the dog tried to bite him…so I do not know what kind but there was a definite abuse she and Jeff the boyfriend did to my dog.

I ran into a lady on the street and was telling her about the problem and before I could mention her name she told me the name. Seems when she stayed at her house she rented all the rooms out to druggies for crack and pot usage. Not to mention she lost one of her dogs for 3 days.

These are the Struggles of San Miguel and there are no murals to display this Struggle.

But back to Ajijic and their Struggles.

Expats and Merchants in Ajijic take their Struggle to the Street.  Stores celebrate the Struggle of Shopping with Murals.  Look at the range of Murals one just one street corner and how each muralist has a different view of the Shopping Struggle.

Struggle of the Shoppers

Struggle of the Shoppers

Tourist hearts are warmed in Ajijic as their Struggle as a Tourist to find the best souvenir is validated by the murals on every corner.

This mural shows this Struggle and the resolution of that Struggle

Tequila and T Shirts

Tequila and T Shirts