Reinventing yourself is hard work. So many of the choices are obvious and don’t create a very interesting reinvention.  People get bored with the artist, medical specialist, writer, film maker reinvention.  So residents of San Miguel are forced to Google themselves into something unique and unexpected.


The Rural Peasant

It often starts with a picture such as this – The Peasant.

The D&G, Chanel or Versace scarf can be a starting point for a whole new look.

The woven rug coat with leather highlights adds to the charm and uniqueness to the Modern Peasant look.


peasant 2

Peasant Inspiration

Once the inspiration is found, more googling comes up extra touches to complete the total look.

The belt, the overblouse, the Combat Cocktail Sandal can be used with success to create a uniquely San Miguel Urban Peasant Look.

More research is done to help with the Living as a Peasant Theme.  Clothes are not enough.  There has to be a lifestyle.  They must convince others that the daily life of an  Urban Peasants is generally pretty hard.

They talk about getting up each morning at dawn, eating a quick breakfast of homemade bread and ale.

Dieting reduces the amount of food available for them and adds to the theme of living the hard life.

Then they go off to Jardin.  But the call it the Fields, where their day consists of a full day of work. They have to shop, buy clothes, eat comida and meet at least two friends.  Days are so full and so busy.



The Urban Peasant

Here Barbara and Corinne are beginning their hard day in the Fields as part of the Peasants of San Miguel