Where do the Fashions of  San Miguel come from?  How do they get to San Miguel?  They don’t appear to be anywhere else in the world but in San Miguel.

They are hard to find even in local stores, that  seem to focus on the total pastel color look and the layers of capes and rugs for the shoulders.


sewingWell there are elves about in San Miguel – sort of a Keebler elf of Fashion

If you look carefully you can see the Elves of San Miguel sewing right in front of you.

Imogene has taken Fred’s old shirts and decide to turn them into a skirt. Every day she sits in the Jardin sewing and sewing the shirt pieces together. She is on Social Security so she can’t go into the high end fashion stores but she want to be Unique and Different and Artistic.

Like the Cobblers of Fairy Tales she is driven by that Magic in San Miguel to finish her creation and be able to walk talk and proud in San Miguel.  She is one of the Designer Elves of San Miguel – those magical creatures who can make their own clothes from those designs in her head and from the bits and pieces of her life.
When she is done she gives a Fashion Show in the Jardin for everyone. She walks back and forth in from the Parroquia letting the pieces of Fred’s shirt blow in the breeze and enjoying the envy of wearing a one of a kind Elf Fashion.  These men are enjoying the Catwalk in the Jardin although there may be a snicker about to happen