There is a class of art that sets is apart from other art. It usually looks like this.
It often elicits the “Who’d Buy That?” question or the “Where Would You Put That?” question.
It is puzzling art. It begs many questions and makes you ponder how did an Artists get from Fruit in a Bowl to Light in the Stump.
Just google the word Magic Art or Magic Sculpture and see the miracles of this type of Art.
wizard1The only explanation is that there must be another very powerful Art Force that is operating to create this type of Magic. Already the Goblins, and Trolls and Wall Wizards  of San Miguel have been identified.

They are part of this force that creating a different kind of Magic in San Miguel.

I was emailed the other day by a resident of San Miguel to tell me of a cloud formation that looked like a cross that hung over San Miguel one evening.  But that is not the same kind of magic, it is like finding the Virgin Mary on a Tortilla.  The Magic that creates these powerful sculptures comes froma Darker Place.

There are Wizards in San Miguel and one day she walked by in the Jardin, in full view without any embarassment about revealing who she was.