fairiesDecember 11 1873 Mr and Mrs Crumpston were asleep in a Bristol Hotel when they were awakened by noises. Mr Crumpston stepped out of bed unto the floor, which seemed to open he said. He felt he was stepping into a black void and was saved only when he wife seized him and pulled him back. Panic stricken they climbed out of bed by a window and went in search of a reassuring policeman.

The only explanation given to Mr. Crumpston was that he was about to be abducted by Fairies.

According to legend fairies would do things like:

* Steal a baby and leave one of their own in its place (changeling).
* Abduct older people.
* They could poison livestock and ruin a harvest.
* Fairies can even be deadly if a human falls in love with one.


The Fairies  came to San Miguel because San Miguel is full of old people.  They don’t want babies; they don’t want to poison livestock or ruin crops; they want the old people of  San Miguel to abduct and in particular the old men of San Miguel of which there are many.


purple-thingSo Old men of San Miguel be warned. The Fairies want you. The Fairies are looking for you. Mr. Cumpston was lucky because he never saw the Fairies nor did they get him. But in San Miguel the Fairies are everywhere. Here two local fairies, put on their Fairy Clothes and go looking for an old man to abduct.