Cowboy Guitar Man

What is there about people dressed like “Mexicans” and Photographers.

What does the Photographer see that makes this a good picture or a good subject for a picture? Must be the same motivation that causes people to take pictures of themselves posed with the Guards of Buckingham Palace or Mickey Mouse. with mickeyThere must be an unconscious belief, that no one will ever believe, you have traveled out of Toledo unless you have a picture of something and even better,  of  something you can’t find in Toledo.

These are the same people who believe that we never landed on the Moon and that it was all a set.  But if you think about it,  if you never leave Toledo then it sort of makes sense that you would bring back proof that the world outside Toledo is different and full of characters .

street shooter6

Street Scene San Miguel

street shooter

Street Scene with the Photographer


The Street, the Shooter, the Subjects


The Photographer comes from no where.  One minute you are watching a scene like this.

And the next minute she appears with her camera.

She steadies her camera and captures the fact that she is no longer in Toledo but in a Magical World full of Cowboy Hatted Guitar Men and Peasant Skirted Jewelry Sellers. No Walmart greeter. No Valet. No boring locals.


Lady with no Life

But isn’t the real picture her. The Tourist with a Camera is capturing Life to show back home that she is far more interesting that she really is.