Volunteer Euphoria

The Good Works Gang needs Folding Tables to do their Good Works. These Tables are set up in the Jardin daily to recruit people into their Good Works. It is all part of retiring to San Miguel. After a life of commerce, retirees have this belief that they must Give Back instead of Give Up. They are sort of like Missionaries in San Miguel. Not only to they want to Give Back but they want you to Give Back too. It is sort of like being converted.  The woman leaning against the lamppole has been converted and is experiencing Volunteer Euphoria.  She now has a purpose in San Miguel.  She has people to save.


Good Work Done, More Good Works To DO

Every day, the Good Works Gang comes to the Jardin to save the world and provide purpose. They don’t stay long. This group, after saving a few souls is off to do their good works from 11:30 until 1:00 so that they can be back to Milagros to tell everyone of all the good work they have done today. Life is always busy in San Miguel when there are people and a whole world to save.