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Three Scarves

San Miguel de Allende sits at over 6400 feet in the mountains, so the air is thinner and colder. As a Canadian child, I was always told to put on a scarf in the winter to keep the cold out, so the cold part makes sense but what would be the purpose of Three Scarves.  It isn’t that cold nor are the scarves wrapped around the neck. So the scarves have to serve another purpose than protection from mountain air.

Perhaps this is a homeless woman who realizes that a shopping cart of possessions won’t work on cobblestone so she simply wears all her possessions.  But there are no shopping bags full of things she has collected – there is just the scarves.


Free Flowing Scarf

Maybe it isn’t the coldness of the air but the thinness of the air that causes this phenomena – some sort of altitude sickness requiring the sufferer to wear a scarf.

This scarf also is  not tightly wrapped but hanging free.

This is not about the cold but something else.


winter solstice

Dog Blanket and Table Napkin Scarves

The woman on the right is dressed for cold but what is the woman on the left dressed for. She is wearing a dog blanket and table napkin scarf but there is no dog nor table.

What is she up to? Is she suffering from altitude sickness or is it fashion?

Fashion Scarf

A Fashion Scarf

No it is not about Fashion. This scarf is about fashion but a table napkins can’t be about fashion.

Unless of course it is San Miguel Fashion. based on local inspiration.


Mexican Chic

Years ago when Dr. Zhivago came out, Paris fashion houses used that theme in many of their new looks

The Christian Dior collection by Marc Bohan in Paris included a narrow midi-length officer’s coat of thick black wool, opulently collared and cuffed in white fox, over black wool-crepe pants and a white satin shirt. Ricci belted the waist of another thick black wool coat with a high-stacked black-leather belt; at the midi hem, the coat was almost two feet deep in white fox for was taken with the look from that movie.

So maybe this is a theme on Local Mexican Fashion.

No… this doesn’t work.  It is simply another gang – the Scarf Gang whose only purpose is to wear Scarves.




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