Pioneer women were resourceful.

Little unused pieces of cloth were used to make warm quilts for the bed.  Sometimes they worked in groups called quilting bees.

The inspiration for the  Household Item Gangs were common day cloth items found in the house such as  a hall rug or a table runner.  But the quilt bedspread posed a bit of an problem.  It was too big to drape about the shoulders, too hot to wear in the climate and too bulky to look smart.

It seemed that the quilt was going to lay forever on the guest bed until Evelyn, the seamstress thought of incorporating little pieces of fabric into her dress.

Evelyn uses patches on every items she wears. She loves to be called Patches

Each outfit has a story about her life.

She calls this outfit, Remember the Bathroom in San Antonio.

And this outfit Patches calls Jeans, Hippy Dress and the New Me.

Patches braveness has spawned others to push the envelop.

Looking around the house, others have found household items that can be incorporated into an outfit
Who would have thought of using a pair of Hubby’s Boxers as hat and combinging a dress and table skirting could be made to look so chic.

vestedOr a hall rug could be turned into a vest.

Patches as started a trend