patPat was an androgynous fictional character created and performed by Julia Sweeney for the American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live, and later featured in the film It’s Pat. The central aspect of sketches featuring Pat was the inability of others to determine the character’s gender.
Pat is the inspiration for a new head turning, brain twisting Gang in San Miguel – the Pat Gang. The Gang revels in the approach and watching the Jardin sitter’s brain do a stop action and see the question form.

Is that a man or a woman?

woman bag
Once the question is formed the Gang is happy.

It also gets confusing as there is another Gang called the I Gave Up Gang

For some reason, certain people reach an age and a date and decide to give up working on personal appearance and go for Comfort.  Women, who have faced years of hairspray and makeup and shopping seem the most afflicted.  Finally they decide to get a short sensible haircut that requires only shampoo and clothes that constrict nothing.  For each you can look at them and say

They gave up July 23, 1997


Pat Gang


I Gave up Gang.

Either way, they have given up


This is definitely the Pat Gang.

So the question is

Man or Woman?