Retirement in San Miguel is about Lost Dreams Found. Given the vast stretch of time that exists after work ends, a continuing existence of the  Work Ethnic and Living in an Artists Colony, many retirees are looking for ways to fill the hours and begin to look at old Dreams. The I Want to be a Ballerina or a Baseball Player Dreams are gone for ever because the body aged. But the I Want to be a Writer Dream comes back to life with a Vengeance.

Students can still register for an exciting study abroad program that will include art and creative writing courses in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, July 18-25, 2009 that is being sponsored by The University of Texas-Pan American.

The creative writing courses are part of the successful annual Summer Creative Writing Institute. According to Dr. Steven Schneider, who is leading the program, “we are very excited about celebrating the seventh summer of the Creative Writing Institute in San Miguel de Allende. This special program will provide students a wonderful opportunity to write about their experiences in the heart of Mexico.”

Imagine reading about these Experiences.

  • The Day Lupe Broke the Vase
  • I Ate Tacos on the Street
  • My New Mexican Friends
  • Looking for Pine Nuts

Okay class look at the following pictures and write from your heart.

What an empty heart could do with this.

  • The teddy bear, discarded.
  • I sold my baby for a bottle of Coke
  • Hair Dryers and Lost Dreams

And this picture..
Patches loses a Patch

Dy Tears Dropped Hankie

San Miguel has many experiences to be written about and once you start writing, many friends know to stay clear of the Writer in Residence.