The Travelling Poser Children

Children are hard to find in San Miguel.  San Miguel is just row and after row of old people.

So a group of children and a group of  children who will pose is a real find and will often draw a crowd.

Here Theresa has found a group of travelling posable children for her friends.

She direct the children to be cute and and mug for the Gringos.  The children, who often don’t have a lot to do on Sunday, often come to this location where they know they will find Gringos and will go  home this evening with no pictures but many stories about the Silly Ones.



The Silly Ones will have a camera full of pictures of “Local Children”.  And will spend many an afternoon saying

“Aren’t these locals adorable? Look at this one.”

Now imagine, being back home and taking pictures of children to show people.  And where at home, can you find a band of travelling posable children.  Their parents simply keep them locked up and in lessons so you can’t photograph them.  But then wouldn’t you find someone wanting to take a picture of your children odd.

Oh well, travelling does change people and does create the Complete Idiot.