The Singles of San Miguel are organizing themselves.


Coat of Arms for the Singles Cell of SMA

The Singles of San Miguel have decided to form a Cell of Singles in San Miguel.

The cell “sleeps” (lies dormant) inside a target population until it receives orders or decides to act.  The thought that a sleeper cell of singles in San Miguel could awaken at some point is quite frightening.  section_under_constructionThe fact, that that many single women, (and few lost single men) could awaken and act should strike terror in the hearts of the married women of San Miguel.  Your Love Slave might not be safe.

But the Single Cell (not the same as Stem Cell) of SMA appears to be still dormant as most links, when clicked return this message.

However, they might be waking up.

Bekka, a single woman in San Miguel sent me some pictures of some Singles in San Miguel.


Meeting Place of the Singles Cell of SMA

It appears that they meet mostly at

The pictures show some weird stuff and for those married people who are in bed, sleeping by 9:36 pm, you need to know that things go on in San Miguel that might shock your middle class ways.


Bartender Vampire

It appears that the bartenders in Harry’s serve more than Mojitos


Bite Me Big Boy

vampire 4

I Wonder if he is Single

vampires 2

A Change of Pace


What Happens When the Men Run Out

Perhaps the idea of a sleeper cell refers less to dormancy and more towards sleeping during the day to avoid daylight. Recruitment might be a little more sinister than a pick up a line.  Yes, not only are there Goblins, and Trolls, and Wizards in San Miguel, there might also be Vampires


vampire group

Wedding Dress Dreams

And the wedding dress says it all. These gals are dreaming of that special day


But this organization also caters to the more sedate. Here is a listing of their Recurring Events.  Somehow Bingo, the Rotary and Lions Club don’t mix with vampires but singles come in many sizes and backgrounds.

  • Tuesdays Bingo at Casa Milagro’s 6:30 to 8:30 to benefit the Red Cross.
  • Tuesdays Rotary Hotel Real de Minas 12pm http://www.rotarysma.org.
  • Wednesdays Social group at the Sunset bar above Nirvana restaurant in Casa Linda 5:30 to 7:30. Drinks 2 for 1 and tasty botanas free.
  • Wednesdays 7 pm Corazon Endiosado Prehispanic music concerts Mi Casa.
  • Wednesday Vivoli Bring your own wine and corkage is free.
  • Thursdays Lions Club Hotel Quinta Loreto 12:30 pm.
  • Thursday night is filet mignon at the Long Horn $100 pesos.
  • Thursday To Sunday Live Music at Vivoli Thursday & Sunday 8:40 to 10, Friday & Saturday 8:30 to 11.
  • Friday & Saturday’s Maria at La Fragua 10:30.
  • Saturday nights 85 pesos for t-bone and baked potato “a portion” of profits goes to The Oz Project Web site: http://www.theozproject.org at the Longhorn and now dancing.
  • Vivoli early bird special 4 to 6 buy one entree and the second is free.