Rug Progression

This pictures shows you Rug Progression in San Miguel

A rug in San Miguel starts on the floor, moves to a rock and finally onto someone’s shoulders.  This movement is not by magic but by a human hand. Each placement of the rug is a choice driven by the desire to be unique, creative and belong.  Seeing a fellow rug wearer validates your existence and means you are now a part of the Greater Rug Community of San Miguel.


Is the Rug Gang merely a walking Sandwich Board in these difficult Economic Times and advertising for local Rug Stores.


But given the amount of Rugs Wearers in San Miguel compared to the number of Rug Stores this is unlikely.

Perhaps this gang is simply another example of not understanding Spanish.  Maybe expats in San Miguel believe that a tapete means coat and when they see manta de viaje they see the word travel and think it is a travel coat.

  1. (small carpetalfombra falfombrilla ftapete m (Col, Méx)
  2. (blanketmanta f de viaje

In fact more research yields an interesting distinction between rug and carpet.  Generally speaking a rug is smaller, and is not fixed or attached to the floor. A carpet, on the other hand, is always measured and cut to fit the exact proportions of the room or the space that is to be carpeted. It is fixed or attached to the floor.

A variant on rug is the throw rug – something small that can be rolled up, moved, slid around, etc.


A Rug Pusher

And it is easy to buy a Ready to Wear Rug in San Miguel.  There are expats called Rug Pushers who dealing rugs in the Jardin.  With no shames, the are openly sells Rugs in the streets to innocent Expats who have know idea they are buying a rug and not a piece of clothing.


Ready to Wear Rugs


Pret a Porter Rugs

The next day they are on the streets of San Miguel wearing their Rugs.


Mother and Rug

Even young mothers wear rugs.

It is surprising that young safety conscious mothers do not understand the danger that a lose rug can pose to small children.  Who hasn’t tripped on a lose rug.

Yet the rug can serve many purposes.  A Ready to Wear Rugs means that a picnic is always possible.

Find some grass, put down the rug and you and your baby can have an impromptu picnic or a quick breast feed.


Gang Violation - Altered Rug

Sometimes rugs and blankets and tablecloths get mixed up in the clothes closet.

It can be near impossible to determine  if the individual is a Rugger or not.

Altering a rug is a violation of Gang Rules.  Cutting a hole in the middle of the rug means the rug has been altered and it loses it authencity because it can no longer be returned to the floor.


Rug Wearing or Carrying?

At other times, rugs may be unaltered but you can’t tell if the rug is being worn or carried.

There is something about a loosely worn rugs that can confuse the viewer.


Carpets vs Rugs

Is this woman going to market to see her rug or is this a fashion statement.

Gang Identification can be a difficult task in San Miguel.  Generally a Rugger likes a full rug but are not fazed by the fact that a carpet is fixed to the floor.

A pry bar and some sweat equity can yield a good sized carpet for street wear.


The Empty Closet

This Gang member could be wearing a tablecloth or a hall runner.

Only her maid knows for sure when she comes to clean and finds the area rugs hanging in a closet instead of lying on the floor.