There is a lack of men in San Miguel and an abundance of single women. Given your point of view, this translates into either a shortage of men or a surplus of women.

This post is about the shortage of men in San Miguel. The joke is that most men in San Miguel are either married, gay or going home on Tuesday.  So that leaves THE REST.

Here are two of the San Miguel Hotties that aren’t gay, married or going home Tuesday.

Okay be honest – first reaction? Do you now have some sympathy for the Single Women of San Miguel and why they would form an organization.  If the barrel of single men is not very full then you you know you aren’t too far from the bottom.

Here are two more from the Single Men Barrel.  Sorry single ladies but I am informed that these men are not the market.

cheech and chong

And the Barrel gets emptier and emptier.