picnic basketPicnics are part of summer but Picnics in San Miguel are a bit different.

You still have the upscale, artistic picnic basket but as always with San Miguel, there is a bit more.

Think Picnic and Performance Art in San Miguel.  Yes, San Miguel is home to the Picnic Tablecloth Artist.  Her performance is being your personal Picnic Table.

Instead of having to eat on a blanket,  she will provide a place for your cutlery and food.


The Picnic Lady of San Miguel


Preparing for the Picnic Moment

All you need to do is take your Picnic Basket to the Jardin and wait for the Picnic Lady to come by. She is in the Jardin from 10:30 and 11:30 am. on weekdays.

Because she is a Performance Artist, she doesn’t like to make appointments but prefers to be in the  Picnic Moment.

Be warned that you will not be the only Picnic Group waiting for the performance.

She will walk by, twirl her Picnic Table Cloth and circle the Jardin three times finding the right Picnic Group to bestow her gift upon.  When she finds them, she will lie down and begin her Picnic Preparation and when she is in The Picnic Position will tell the Lucky Picnic Group

Let the Picnic Begin