Gang is a group of people who, through the organization, formation, and establishment of an assemblage, share a common identity.

The Gangs of San Miguel was primarily created to assist Tourists in San Miguel identify and assess the potential danger of  Gangs in San Miguel.

The Blog is also an ongoing sociological study of Gang behaviour.   The first thing that adult children ask, when they visit their parents for the first time in San Miguel, is

What has happened to Mommy and Daddy?

The answer is simple.  The Magic of San Miguel and Retirement created them.

Today we are going to examine how echoes of childhood Gardens and the reality of a desert, mountain enviroment can combine to create a unique Gang.   Gardening is difficult in San Miguel but that hasn’t stopped Expats from bring Flowers of the Past to San Miguel.

Take the Orange Pixie Lily.  Here Susan brings to life the Orange Pixie Lily to life with her interpretation.

orange pixie gang

The Orange Pixie Lily Gang

This is the Magic of San Miguel – the residents are Flower Gardens.

We can have Morning Glories in the Jardin brought to Tourists by the Flower Theme Gang.

Morning Glory

The Morning Glory Gang

Some Gang Members like to combine colors in a Twin looks such as the Fuschia Twins.


The Fuschia Twins Gang

Other simply like to be part of a bunch, such as the Green Echinacea Twins

green plant

The Echinacea Gang

Then there are the punsters of San Miguel. This is The Ross of Sharon Connecticut Gang.

ross of Sharon

The Ross of Sharon Gang

This is a very dangerous Gang. Most parts of the Datura Plant are poisonous and the pen of this individual can be poisonous

datura gang

The Datura Gang

Some of the full sized gals in town, who are comfortable with their body image go for trees and what better tree in San Miguel than the Jacaranda.

jacaranda gang

The Jacaranda Gang

Continuing with the theme of Mexican plants brings us to The Poinsettia Gang

Poinsettia gang

The Poinsettia Gang

Lastly, the old Spring favorite the The Daffodil Gang

daffodil gang

The Daffodil Gang