If you have ever had to go through the effects of a deceased relative, one of the most difficult tasks is deciding what to do with the photos. These photographs are a visual record of what mattered to someone. The real issue is what to do with them but the more interesting issue is trying to figure out what mattered to them.

Billie Mercer is a wonderful photographer in San Miguel and her blog shows you what matters to her.

swiftAnd the difference between a great photographer and a not so great one is not that hard to figure out.

This was one of the most downloaded pictures from Flickr over the last seven days.

This picture, like Billie Mercer’s make you pause and reflect. _______________________________________________ pose girls2s

Now, twenty one years later when Stephanie goes through her late Aunt Doris’ pictures she will find this picture from Doris’ trip to San Miguel with the girls in 2009.

But Doris won’t be in it.

In fact Stephanie won’t have a clue who these long gone Girls are nor will she know that Doris took the picture.

Toss or Keep?

But imagine if she had this picture of Aunt Doris and the Girls in San Miguel in 2009. pose-girls ____________________________________________

Or even better, what if she just had one of Aunt Doris the Photographer and no Long Gone Girls.


Aunt Doris, San Miguel 2009

kids and Santa

Tina and Eddie, Christmas 2004

So the Photography Gang has decided to add a new feature to a visit to San Miguel. Everyone has one of these pictures of themselves or their children or their grand children. They are one of those rite of passage photographs that complete someone’s life and would never be tossed nor matter how unattractive the children are.

The Photography Gang of San Miguel has decided to add a new feature for Tourists who visit to San Miguel called Photographing the Photographers .

When you visit San Miguel you will receive a Photo of yourself taking a Photo.  It is quite brilliant.

Try to find a picture of Billie Mercer on her Blog.

The photographer needs to be photographed.


Pamela Church, Photographer San Miguel 2009

street shooter 2

Deanna Schenke, Photographer, San Miguel 2009

street shooter

Dennis Shackelton, Photographer, San Miguel 2009

Hannah Taggart, Photographer, San Miguel 2009

Hannah Taggart, Photographer, San Miguel 2009