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An unnamed blogger sent me this.

I can see it now.  Mr. and Mrs. Howell have retired to SMA.  Mr. Howell, with liberal angst dripping from his lips, says: “Luvee.  Did you see what he’s done now?  He’s calling Mexicans (fill in the blank).  Something simply must be done about him.  Couldn’t we hire the gardener – you know, Juan or Georgie or whatever his name is – to shoot him or poison him or something?  He is going to give Americans a bad name down here.”

Yes, the entire cast of characters from Gilligan’s island have retired to San Miguel

In describing Gilligan’s Island, Sherwood Schwartz said that his plan was to create a microcosm of society. The characters in this society were extremes in social, financial, and intellectual terms: the leader—Skipper (Alan Hale, Jr.), the bumbling sidekick—Gilligan (Bob Denver), the wealthy—Mr. and Mrs. Howell (Jim Backus and Natalie Schafer), the country girl—Mary Ann (Dawn Wells), the movie star—Ginger (Tina Louise), and the academic—Professor (Russell Johnson). Indeed, the Skipper tries to lead, the Professor is looked to for solutions to problems, the rich people and the movie star sit in an island version of luxury, and Gilligan and Mary Ann are left to do much of the manual labor.

San Miguel contains the same extremes in social, financial, and intellectual terms as existed in Gilligan’s Island

San Miguel is a living Situation Comedy.  This whole blog is about these comedic events although the audience has quite a different take than the participants.

There can be no doubt that the characters of Gilligan’s Island retired to San Miguel and it is here that we pick up the new story line.  The anonymous blogger has detailed one episode in which the Howells have to deal with politically incorrect behaviour

And the parallels are deeper upon more analysis.

Ginger Grant


Ginger Grant

Ginger Grant’s struggles continued in San Miguel. On the show she clashed with producers, because she had believed that she was to be the main focus of the show (despite its title). Here in San Miguel Ginger is now the star of her own show every night at Harry’s. In addition, her original character was originally written as a sarcastic and sharp-tongued temptress, but Ginger argued that this was too extreme and refused to play it as written. A compromise was reached; she agreed to play her as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. The post on the Sidekick Gang indicates the kinds of hijinks Ginger gets into.

The Professor


The Professor - Roy Hinkley

“The Professor” was in fact a high school science teacher, not a university professor in the original show. But once the Professor came to San Miguel and reinvented himself he became the Professor he always wanted to be. The Professor is in the Jardin daily, instructing the unwashed in the finer points of history, science, religion, popular culture and literature.

Mary Ann

Annie Oakley

Mary Ann Summers


Mary Ann Summers

Who can remember about Mary Ann from the TV show other than the pigtails. That is why there are so many Mary Ann’s and no one knows who the real Mary Ann is nor really care. Here are just two of the San Miguel Mary Anns.

The Skipper

guy gut

The Skipper - Jonas Grumby

The Skipper took some time before coming to San Miguel. When he first retired, opened Alan Hale’s Lobster Barrel in Los Angeles but he missed Gilligan who came early to San Miguel. So he sold the restaurant and moved to San Miguel. But Lobster’s were hard to find in a landlocked community in the Mountains so he opened the Longhorn Smokehouse Bar and Grill.


The Skipper's Place


The Howells


Thurston Howell III and Eunice "Lovey" Wentworth Howell

On the TV show she had it written into her contract that there were to be no close-ups of her. She was 62 when the pilot was shot although and made sure no, reportedly, no one on the set or in the cast knew her real age, and she refused to divulge that information. “Lovey” came immediately, after the show ended, to San Miguel to join the Facelift Gang. Today “Lovey” is 132 and happy when people think she is only 93.
Thurston, simply bankrolls “Lovey” and sometimes gets excited when he sees Mrs Magoo in the Jardin.


We can’t find Gilligan.