Soccer Ball

The Soccer Ball

Living with locals can be a challenge as Marie found out.   She turned to the Civil List to find a solution

We have teens that play soccer in front of our house almost every night. I have no problem with them playing soccer. However the play often is kicked into our garage door and our front door. The noise is awful it shakes the whole house. I have tried to talk with the kids on numerous occasions to no avail. They are just plain rude and do not care who they disturb. I call the police and they come and the kids stop. However it gets very old to have to call every night. Any suggestions would help.

A solution is always so simple as this post told Marie.

One day when the children were playing  football against my door – simple, I opened the door, caught the ball as it entered my house, uninvited. They did not ask for it back. I now have two balls. I haven’t heard that horrible noise of the ball against my door for months, but the footballs are taking up space in my entrance closet.


The Soccer Ball Guard Dog

One solution creates another problem and who needs more balls to store. But resourcefulness is always present on the Civil List. This solution involves using your dog. Pets are so useful.

The kids play ball in the street and it comes up over my wall too often. Then they would bang on my door and ask me to give them the ball back. It was quite a nuisance. Now, I have a dog, for protection. Last week a yellow ball came over the wall. My dog loved it and tore it into shreds.
The kids banged on my door to ask to get the ball back. I told them I was sorry but my dog had eaten it. I don’t think I’ll be bothered any more.

teens and cookies

Cookies and Good Times

But social consciousness is never far in San Miguel. Someone soon raised the old jailing conflict between punishment and changing the behaviors as a solution

Reward them????? No punish bad behavior – reward good behavior Maybe cookies ???_________________________________

Free Cookies must have set someone off as it wasn’t long before violence was suggested as a solution


Honey, Aim at the Soccer Players

Before I try firearms and going to use the hose first.

Shock was felt on the Civil list with this solution. Guns are so Republican and the hose bring back the Democratic Convention in Chicago of 1968.

We have to put this “rude teen” issue in context. These kids are not robbing, plundering, assaulting, or creating graffiti – they are playing soccer. Isn’t this the kind of thing that we would suggest that young people get involved with as an alternative to other less desirable activities. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of easy to access places to play soccer in San Miguel. One alternative might be to try to rig up some goal posts that these kids could use instead of using your garage door.

And the final solution

Well, I agree the racket is awful-but knowing the source makes it “happy noise” as opposed to just plain obnoxious. The other day my buzzer rang and there at the door were a gang of boys who had lost their ball into the unoccupied garden next door-i said come and get it and gave them the escalera and a broom and the bigger boys went over the wall like a pros and retrieved not one but two balls-bonus! and then patted me! and raced out the door. Happy noise.